Corcasan Cooperative

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Madriz, Nicaragua

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Cooperativa Corcasan was founded by the initiative of 87 producers from the municipality of San Juan del Río Coco, Department of Madriz. These producers decided to constitute a business figure as a viable option to commercialize the coffee production of the coop members, thus improving the livelihood of their families. Corcasan was created in 1978 and became a legal institution on October 16th, 1994.

Corcasan began to offer its members other services such as: technical assistance, certifications, training, and financing options for its members, so that they would be able to maintain their coffee farms with the objective of strengthening their ability to commercialize their coffee more efficiently. The coffee is produced under an agro-forestry system of citrus fruits and other types of trees, in harmony with the environment. Currently CORCASAN has 248 members, 40 women and 208 men, with 1,589 hectares of coffee production.

Origin information

Catuaí, Caturra, Borbón, Pacamara, Maragogype, Catimor




2,625 - 4,000 feet


Washed, Honey, Natural


Certified Organic


248 (2017)


San Juan del Río Coco


Corcasan Cooperative