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We are iFinca. A small group of passionate people diligently working to make a positive impact in coffee farming communities around the world. The number one way is through a verified increase in income.

The iFinca app is a supply chain integration tool that connects and empowers farmers. We provide transparency and true traceability back to each farmer.

Our platform and app offers a seamless approach to tracking orders and consumer interaction which provided though the unique Meet the Farmer QR codes. Our method of verification assures consumers that farmers were paid an ethical price for their coffee.

We are partnering with some of the best farmers across the coffee producing world to bring you some of the finest coffees at an ethical price.

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Cra. 32 #10-224
Medellin, Antioquia

Located in the heart of Antioquia, Colombia - connecting global coffee producers eager to make a better living.

Empowering farmers and communities.
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