Finca la Carmelita

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Antioquia, Colombia

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Amantti is a brand dedicated to the cultivation of Colombian Arabica coffee, the farms are located in the southwest of Antioquia, and it is distinguished for carrying out rigorous quality processes, for agroecological practices, and for the social development that it promotes in the coffee growing areas.
Currently the brand is part of a corporation of coffee farms "CAM". It has the support of more than 50 small producers located in different regions of Colombia: Our main farms are the following:

La Mani Farm
In the 1800s the La Maní farm was founded; in 1870 it was acquired by Luis María Mejía Betancourt, who dedicated himself to setting up a coffee company with Arabica varietals using both washed and fermented processes. This tradition of coffee farming has been passed down from generation to generation.

La Carmelita Farm
This farm belongs to the coffee farmer Nelson Taborda, who inherited it from his father, more than 20 years ago. The farm is located in a mountainous area on the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range between the municipality of Amaga and Titiribí.

La Isabela Farm 
After acquiring this farm, we tried to give a new use to the land and some coffee plantations were demolished to sow cutting grass, then we discovered that the land was more suitable for the production of coffee; so we decided to return to what the land and the people know how to do and decided to plant coffee responsibly with the environment and the community.

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