Finca la Cristalina

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Caldas, Colombia

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I am the fourth generation of coffee growers. Silvio Valdés, my father and partner, has been leading the business for 57 years.
The first owners were the grandparents of my father’s father. When they died, the farm was inherited by their five children.
Some of the heirs sold their rights, but my grandfather kept his and in the year 1960, his brothers bought the rights that had been sold by some of his uncles, going back to recover the farm in 1999, my father bought the farm, continuing the family legacy.

In 2006 we acquired the farms "San La Cristalina" located in the path Bajo Español, belonging to the municipality of Chinchiná, with an area of 41 hectares and a height from 1,390 to 1,790 meters above sea level, where a coffee of excellent quality is produced using the same methods applied in Finca Paraná.

We started in the business of producing specialty coffees due to the difficult situation experienced by the country's traditional coffee industry as a result of low prices.

Our main accomplishments have been to produce cup profiles that reflect the tradition and quality of the different varieties that we currently have. The income received is distributed among the nine families of the workers and collaborators that are part of the business. Our brand is recognized internationally as we sell coffee worldwide.

My two daughters have a desire to continue our tradition; they will be the fifth generation of coffee growers.

Bean information





21 hectares






From 1.460 to 1.790 meters




UTZ, 4C, Fairtrade




Chocolate, caramel, tropical fruit


Luis José Valdés