Hacienda Casa Blanca

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Santander, Colombia

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The Hacienda Casablanca dates back to 1860, initially known as Villa Josefa, then it was called Hacienda la Leona and finally Hacienda Casablanca, traditionally coffee land.

Its initial land area was approximately 150 hectares, which is why it is called a hacienda, which is the name for large tracts of land in Colombia; however, this extension was subdivided into small plots, today only 20 hectares of farmland remain.

In 2006 it was acquired by my family and I, Liliana Caballero Rojas. My parents’ life has been dedicated to agriculture and I found my life project in the coffee plantation, to give a better life to my family and the people who work on the farm for Cafe Hacienda Casablanca.

My vision helped to add value to our coffee farms, through planning, renewal of old coffee trees, renovations and planting new seedlings, which include new varieties such as Geisha. Also improving the techniques of processing and drying. In 2008, with the help of the Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, our coffee obtained the Rainforest Alliance certificate. The most recent award was The First Place Cup Contest nationwide Yara Champion Program.
In times of a pricing crisis, when global price is lower than the cost of production, as a finance and administration professional I designed our packaging and brought to the market our first bags of roasted coffee. This is an added income for the farm in addition to the green coffee we sell abroad.

Bean information





14 hectares (35 acres)


Castillo honey




1500 meters




Rainforest Alliance




Tropical fruits, Caramel, Green apple


Liliana Caballero Rojas