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Huila, Colombia

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My name is Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia, I was born on September 17, 1987, in Palestina, a Colombian Municipality located in the Department of Huila, I lived at Finca El Progreso with my father, Rodrigo Sánchez Valderrama, my mother, Evaestael Valencia Muñoz, who are both coffee producers, and my 5 older brothers. My childhood was spent at the farm, from the hand of my parents I knew the love of coffee growing and processing that has passed down 4 generations ago.

In 2002, my family was selected by the Federation and Cooperativa de Caficultores, opening the doors for the children of the producers to learn about the physical and sensorial analysis of the coffee. I was selected by the Municipality of Palestina together with Mrs. Claudia Milena Samboni Beltrán, currently my wife.

In 2008, we started our own project in Finca El Progreso, together with my parents and wife, the farm was initially 10 hectares, we currently have 33 hectares.

In 2011, with great effort, we acquired a farm located in the Agua Negra district of the Municipality of Pitalito, with an area of ​​12 hectares and a height of 1,650 meters above sea level. The farm is already producing coffee.

In 2013, great advances were made for our family, with great effort we managed to acquire one of our Monteblanco insignia farms and the creation of Aromas del Sur Ltd a Trading Company, which has given us recognition in the coffee world.

Bean information

Huila, Colombia


14 hectares (35 acres)


Pink Bourbon




1730 meters


Cold Process




Complex, floral, sugar cane juice, peach


Lemon peel, Pitahaya, vanilla, peach juice


Medium, juice


High malic


Floral, sweet and creamy


Rodrigo Sánchez