Santa Elena

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Antioquia, Colombia

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The Santa Elena farm is my family’s main producing farm, located in the mountains of the Citará Biological Corridor near the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar in southwest Antioquia. The project began in 2006. Today more than 10 families benefit from work on the farm all year round, in harvest time this number reaches 50+ families. Our project has made an impact in the area with  proposals and innovative practices with the support of important research groups from the University of Antioquia. We also have 10 allied farms, and the idea is to expand the model and consolidate a differentiated coffee region of Antioquia origin.

The model dictates how the land is planted, the division of the plots, the distances, the type of storage and varieties. Mostly Caturra, Typica and Bourbon with which Colombia has made its name in the past.

The principle of the farm is integral sustainability with social innovation and innovation in farming that allow us to achieve growth for all members of the value chain.

We believe that by working with some original varietals we are recovering the prestige of Colombian coffee, that is why our name, Finca Santa Elena, alludes to the saint who recovered the nails of Christ and strengthened Christianity.

Influenced by the wide biodiversity of fauna and flora in the Western Cordillera of the Andes, Café Roldán acquires unparalleled attributes: fruity taste, chocolatey sweetness, and a nuance of panela with citrus notes, which makes an excellent cup of coffee.

Bean information





20 hectares


Vereda Ventorrillo




1650 meters




Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C




Clementine, floral notes, raisins


Paula Concha &
Samuel Roldán