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We believe we can all
make a difference.

We believe we can all make a difference.

Connecting coffee farmers to global markets with blockchain technology.

With special attention to the first mile of the coffee supply chain, we guarantee equitable prices for farmers through transparency and traceability. iFinca verification ensures our global-partner farms earn up to triple the commodities' price so they can focus on growing incredible beans.

Watch how historically low coffee prices impact farmers.

Scan our QR codes to learn more about our farmers.

Validate payments, measure weights and trace the entire journey of your beans.

With your help, farmers like José will be able to passdown his legacy.

Specialty Coffee Association's Technology Award Winner (Boston 2019)

The iFinca mobile application using CoffeeChain™ technology connects all stakeholders, specifically the producer, within the coffee supply chain - allowing for full transparency and traceability of the beans from farm to cup on a blockchain platform.

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Medellin, Antioquia

Located in the heart of Antioquia, Colombia - connecting global coffee producers eager to make a better living.

Try the first batch of truly transparent coffee.

Discover the true prices farmers get paid, learn about the origins of your coffee and demand greater transparency in the supply chain.

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